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Cleverkings Pvt. Ltd. is one of the pre-eminent software company, engaged in flourishing out-of-box products that aim to bring smartness to a world of business operations where everything goes usual. Our company came into existence in 2016 and became fully integrated in 2017. We are headquartered at Calicut and is one of the most respected IT company, inaugurated and website launching done by Sri. T. P. Ramakrishnan (Honourable Labour and Excise Minister of Kerala). Cleverkings being a part of Startup India, MSME, Kerala startup mission with ISO certification proves we are the top-notch company that blooms around the world. Through innovation, commitment, quality, and superior service we assist you to give a productive outcome to your business.

The founders of Cleverkings Pvt. Ltd. are technocrats who are highly passionate to stride a new face to the rapidly changing world. The business intelligence in us advantages you in IT and business solutions to spot unmet needs. We are the global leaders for transformation and strengthening of any business kind, as our products and services are intended to be rapidly customized and developed even across large operations. Our talent represents the direct and virtual presence across the world as we always embarked on start-ups with diversifying portfolios and delivered concrete breakthrough products and services. The high quality of support process and focused customer engagements ensure that we are consistently there for conveying innovative solutions to assist our clients to create and retain a competitive advantage with increased operational efficiencies. We work shoulder to shoulder with industry leaders to create comprehensive and rigorous programs to help achieve your business success. Proven success in increasing projects, maximizing retention, and identifying growth opportunities leads us to the best company.

Cleverkings Pvt. Ltd. aims at developing novel and differentiating technological solutions and strives to provide world-class standards at affordable prices. We serve humankind to lead a healthy tech-life by endeavoring to achieve the right growth curve with the virtuous Technology Partner. In this data-driven world, we have successfully done uncountable numbers of future-ready and have expanded services all over the world. Ourselves, the best cutting-edge solution expertise, had marked a global footprint by bestowing first-rate services to our clients. Cleverkings Pvt. Ltd. be with you in realizing the dream of every working professional in the world to jump-start through data-proficient development and market research. We will always be committed to exploring our clients to perceive their goals through technology and innovation to forge business success. Assurance is given to you like we will keep your investment safe through a customer-focused approach and has unmatched capabilities across technology to maintain leadership in all business. Our consistent exertion of giving the best is what apart us from our competitors, it tends us to proceed with full certainty to stalk a new face to the IT industry..


To rise with high standards and professionality and to emerge as a reliable alternative for our clients.


We endeavour to be among the premier software companies in the industry with a credible name, to accomplish digital innovation most uniquely and deliver the best


Certificates & Recogonitions

Among the top 20 mobile app studios in India.

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