Digital Marketing Company Cleverkings Pvt. Ltd. enables you; to easily communicate with people through brief and pertinent messages. The Bulk SMS Marketing technique is a great and superior option to promote business, and this idea came from our never-ending relationship with the cell phone. We are the leading and best Digital Marketing agency in Calicut, India, with the BULK SMS service committed to the task done for your business's success. Our online SMS service has grown fast as we take full advantage of the messaging option in the marketing and advertising sector.

Our services are highly effective in that they penetrate directly to customer’s brain and heart. SMS being the cheapest way of communication, most of the clients prefer this medium for the promotion of businesses. The nature of Cleverkings Bulk SMS marketing is natural, instant, fast-tracking, and maximum return on investment. Through this marketing technique, we explain the features of your products and straightforwardly impart data and offers.

The BULK SMS marketing comprises a silent promotion as it is delivered silently, so the customer can intervene at their desired time and can make a proper understanding of the product and services and also has a ‘store and forward’ feature which does not need an active customer always, but it will reach the customer when they are active. Our business promotion for big and small brands, SMS is a short and sure way to connect with millions of people at a time, and we have specified SMS gateways for this purpose.

We also have an option of sending bulk voice SMS between various telephone exchanges or operators depending on the server load and interconnect traffic, to update, broadcast, and send pre-recorded voice messages. Ourselves, provide HTTP/API which can be incorporated into your application/software.

The top BULK SMS service provider in India Cleverkings Pvt. Ltd.; runs your campaign with high security and uses conventional methods in promotional SMS with and without API, transactional SMS with and without API, WhatsApp messages, voice SMS, missed call alert, etc. We provide you with excellent experience in bringing out high responses for your campaign and take no time in establishing your trust. Come on, let’s indulge in your business and open the world of opportunities.