Term and Conditions

1. Legal terms are to be accepted between you and the company to use the services legally.

2. Cleverkings always put forward minimum terms and conditions for each service.

3. Our agreement comes with specific legal notice in addition to the terms mentioned with each.

4. The terms together with the additional terms bind us into a legal relationship.

5. Make sure you read the complete terms and conditions.

6. Both parties designated representatives should have to agree on a proposed service payment, and the authority on the service will remain with us until the payment is fully paid.

7. Client material should be exactly and entirely not mimeographed and Cleverkings won't be responsible for any issue related to the copyright.

8. After the mutual agreement on the initial proposal between the client and company, any add-ons to the proposal will be charged accordingly.

9. No charge is assigned for any addition to the brief and won't guarantee it will be error-free and the required amount can be charged for the correction.

10. We use extreme efforts to include the upto date information in the products and services, subject to change at any time necessary.

11. We have the right to terminate the project by refunding, non-refunding, or reserving credit for the future, if the client refuses to accept the product or service at any stage of its implementation.

12. Material contained on the information provided by the client should be free of errors, incidental loss, indirect damages, or any misleading or false contents; and the company won't be legally responsible for any such actions.

13. All required materials are to be made available to us on time to meet the deadline agreed upon and we won't be responsible for any action or disputes between the site owner and the clients.

14. On using third-party products, API etc an additional payment has to be done for the same.

15. We will be legal, honest, decent, and truthful in the case of prepared information on the webpages, as it is done by all due care.

16. The company won't be responsible for any loss or compensation of earnings caused by the client's action.

17. Even after the advice of the possibility of damage, any damage to the software or related loss by the inappropriate action will have to be handled by the client alone.

18. Before any design work shall be carried out, a deposit of 50% of the total amount is required to be paid.

19. Our company has the right to give/share the works to be done on contract with other companies associated with us.

20. We do not endorse or approve the contents of any connected third-party websites that are linked or accessible through our site, and Cleverkings won't accept any liability regarding such an issue.

21. There is no exception to the payment of the final balance after the completion of the project and you are obliged to pay the balance even if you want to drop the project at that stage. Legal action will be put forward in the case of non-payment.

22. You cannot download and do personal use of the contents on our website and cannot be publicly produced as it is our copyrighted content and intellectual property.

23. Publication, reproduction, incorporation of our website information on any media is expressly prohibited.

24. The prepared quote remains valid only for 30 days.

25. Copyrights are reserved on all the contents of this webpage.

26. Any projects that feature interest in speculation, and/or gambling, businesses that involve alcohol, pork products, tobacco, illegal drugs, weapons, temple, church, astrology, other religious items, dating, pornography, etc. won't be served here.

27. Client payment with a currency different from ours will be converted to the one comfortable for us to calculate currency equivalency.

28. We prepare the invoice and related documents with keeping up with our predefined rule.

29. Clients associated with us are requested to agree upon our terms and conditions.